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  • None of the sizes on your menu are a good fit for me. Could you make me a different size?
    Of course, we are always willing to try and accommodate your request the best we can.
  • Can I request certain items to be added or omitted to my board?
    Of course, just add it in the comments section of your order form, and we will try our best to accommodate your requests.
  • What type of ingredients are included in a board/box?
    All ingredients are normally the chef's choice. Every board is unique and no two are the same. However, we will always include a variety of soft/hard cheeses, cured meats, & other accouterments such as nuts, artisan jams, dried fruits, fresh fruits. You can expect seasonal picks as well.
  • Does each order come with crackers/breads on the side?
    Yes! We also offer gluten free crackers for a small surcharge.
  • Can we accommodate allergies/dietary restrictions?
    We always do our best to accommodate food allergies and dietary requests, however, we do not operate in a 100% allergy free environment. Individuals with sensitivities should exercise judgment and let us know to not include specific ingredients within your board. **By submitting an order form, you acknowledge this and confirm that Charcuterie By Randi is not responsible for any of the stated allergies or food related issues.
  • How long will my board/box/order last?
    We suggest eating your board/box the day it is picked up or delivered for peak freshness. It is always freshest within 24 hours. **However, if you are ordering in advance, please let us know (in the order form) and we will package ingredients/the board appropriately. We have packaged plenty of boards in advance for trips or for the holiday season.
  • Do we deliver?
    Yes, within the Frederick city area (and a few surrounding suburbs). Orders are subject to a delivery fee depending on the zip code/address provided in the order form or order inquiry. Pickups are available and can be coordinated.
  • What are the portion sizes?
    For a board served as an appetizer each person's serving is about 2 oz. of meat and 3 oz. of cheese.

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